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Melter | the Golem

31 Jan 2017 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer, Harsh Lighting, Music Photography, Music Video, Work | Posted by: jacenk

Music Video Melter
Lens Records Chicago, IL

JASON KRAYNEK – Director, Cinematographer, Colorist, Gaffer, Editor, Colorist
ROBERT HYMAN – Foundation and Pulse
NADIA GAROFALO – Contrast and Communication

Gear | Production

CAMERAS – RED Epic Dragon 6K
LENSES – Canon Cine primes
LIGHTS – Blind Spot Gear, Litepanels, Aputure
RIG – Easyrig Vario 5 w Serene, Shape, Wooden Camera, Ikan, RED
FAZER – Antari Z

Chicago duo Rob and Nadia bring experimental vibrations, organic and electronic. These are sounds for the singularity.

Formed in late 2014 by Rob Hyman (TH Inc, UsherHouse, Mr Russia) and Nadia Garofalo (Ganser), they combine their knowledge of bass, drums and synths to create the sonic landscapes of [melter]. Originating as an improvised experimental project it has evolved into a creature of its own, human – animal – alien. Highly synth centric, the bass and drums add an analog rock feel while the vocals add texture. Sound is channeled and documented, sorted and edited. Static and noise – silence is a scorned love. Breath can be short but always fighting for a voice. Familiarity amongst the void. Home amongst the storm.

jason kraynek, music video, behind the scenes

First we blackout the windows

Ivan stands in for lighting. Litepanels Astra 1×1 top light, Aputure 120t backlight, Antari Z fazer

jason kraynek, music video, melter, red camera, director, director of photography

wide setup shot of Rob’s keyboard solos. Litepanels Astra above, Aputure 120t from the ceiling behind, reflector on a stand for some fill. Ivan on a ladder to pour clay from above.

Running in circles

music video, red dragon, cinematographer, director of photography, jason kraynek, melter

Flashlight in the lens for practical light flares

jason kraynek, red epic dragon, music video

jason kraynek, red epic dragon, music video

jason kraynek, red epic dragon, music video

jason kraynek, red epic dragon, music video



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