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Delicate Noise

05 Oct 2006 | Categories: Designer, Harsh Lighting, Music Photography, Photographer, Work | Posted by: jacenk

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Lens Records

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Somewhere in the age of 7 or 8 Mark Andrushko found himself banging on a drum on a with his three sisters performing a piece, not realizing that his true calling would come 30 years later. This had an impact on Mark where he would bang on those paper kid drums from the 70’s, going thru them like fire.

As the 80’s came in, Mark was heavily influenced by such bands as , and . Still not putting together that one day, he would pick up a and start making music. Over the next decade, Mark would venture out to and pursue his passion of – starring in films and commercials with mild success.

By this time, music slowly crept back into Mark’s when one day he walked into an Apple store and saw on one of the monitors. That feeling from the 70’s and 80’s, without him knowing, came back…it all made sense.

Re: Lens Records

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