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Lens Records music photography
the Dark Room Chicago, IL

JASON KRAYNEK – Photographer, Editor


Nikon D50
Nikon 24-85



Hailing from Chicago – Avagami began writing music in 2005 after meeting through a rather peculiar Craigslist posting. Eric Lebofsky (vocals, saxophone, electronics, see: unusual drawings) wasn’t quite what Matt Espy (drums, electronics, see: Atombombpocketknife, The Reputation) was expecting but a musical connection was made none the less. Both were looking to push the pop envelope, and incorporate improvisational techniques into a song structure. Their music combines elements of Prog, New Wave, Noise, and Krautrock, as well as Burlesque, Lounge, and Psychotherapy (Gestalt). Metagami marks Avagami’s debut release on Chicago’s Lens Records.

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