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Suspicious Clowns | Sketchfest 2008

13 Jan 2008 | Categories: Actor, Camera Operator, Comedy, Event, Improv Sketch, Work, Writer | Posted by: jacenk

flyer for Suspicious Clowns performance at Sketchfest 2008 in Chicago

Suspicious Clowns | Sketchfest 2008

Viable Theater | JACENKNET


Jason Kraynek – Camera Operator, Editor, Writer, Actor
Vincent Truman – Director, Producer, Writer, Actor
Robert Felker – Producer, Camera Operator, Editor, Writer, Actor
Melissa Malan – Writer, Actor
Jefrey Wilkerson – Writer, Actor
Eric Porges – Writer, Actor

backstage photos of the actors in Supicious Clowns's 2008 show at Sketchfest 2008

Sketchfest 2008 show for the Suspicious Clowns sketch group consisting of Vincent Truman, Robert Felker, Jason Kraynek, Melissa Malan, Eric Porges, and Jefrey Wilkerson.

Show / Sketch list:

CLEVELAND STEAMER (Eric, Jefrey, Melissa, Vincent)
OATMEAL (Jason, Robert)
ARMLESS (Eric, Vincent, Jason, Melissa)
JUMPER (Jason, Robert)
XONNY (Vincent, Jefrey w/Eric, Melissa)
ZANIES AUSCHWITZ (Jacen, Robert, Jefrey)
SUE’S BIRTHDAY PARTY (Vincent, Eric, Jasonn, Melissa, Victoria)
BRO LAW (Robert, Jason, Jefrey)
BEASTS / EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST (Melissa, Vincent, Jason, Robert)

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