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Caffeine Kids | Improv Sketch

Tampa, FL


Jason Kraynek
Joe Davison
Victoria Tranthem
Ryan Wendell Bauer
Pati White
Lawrence Squarini


House Group of the Tampa Improv
Sponsored by Red Bull

Sketch Highlights

Mom Son Breakup
Holiday Mafia
Shock Collar 2000
Java Jig

Joe Davison and Jason Kraynek pick up another sketch improv group (that I’m placed to direct which is quite the experience) and become the house group for the famous Tampa Improv and get a deal from Red Bull. After only a few hardcore months the group finds that it’s got way too many projects with each member and we all go our different ways.

Most of the footage is lost due to the fact that I didn’t have the tapes (always remember to grab the tapes kids).



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