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Charming Hooligans

04 Feb 2002 | Categories: Actor, Camera Operator, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Improv Sketch, Producer, Short Films, Work, Writer | Posted by: jacenk

Charming Hooligans_tp paper (1)

Improv/Sketch Comedy
Clearwater/Tampa FL

Jason Kraynek
Chris Gorges
Marty Hoffman
Joe Davison
Darryl Knapp
Darren Vierday

Tim Kidd
Jordan Lee
Katie Larsen
Brad Gilmore
Sara Wilcox
Megan Chapnick
Sticky Nuts


Best Improv Group 2000
Best Improv Group 2001

Sketch Highlights

K.K.K. training
Door to Door Jesus
Homie Pussy Shavin

The Charming Hooligans started after the fall of the former Tampa group, Beat the Dead Horse. In order to move forward and develop as a group the core members of BTDH decided to start a new, better, and complex group. With directing duties and “what the fuck do we do now” being assigned to Jason Kraynek- the group started off with nearly 70% of the former group and grew in local fame and popularity over the years.

The group opened for Dave Chappell around 2001. Performances included weekly gigs at the Tampa Improv, Mothers Milk, Usf Sundome, Giggles, and many many dive bars.

Led onstage and in promo merch with a taxidermist squirrel named Sticky Nuts, the core group ran from 1997-2002 where it started to die off and members started new groups, careers, or disappeared completely from the life.

Charming Hooligans_best improv group

Charming Hooligans_phone for sticky

Charming Hooligans_mugs

Charming Hooligans_run for the border


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