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Mongo Like Candy

13 Dec 2002 | Categories: Actor, Awards, Comedy, Director of Photography, Improv Sketch, Narrative, TV, Web Series, Work, Writer | Posted by: jacenk

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Sketch Comedy Group
Spare Time Productions Clearwater, FL

JASON KRAYNEK– Director of Photography, Writer, Actor
PAUL DOUGLAS – Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Actor
CHRIS GORGES – Writer, Actor

Gear | Production

CAMERAS – Some old ass VHS camcorder
POST – Equally old ass VHS editing home bay

The combined power that was the core of late Charming Hooligan fame, Chris, Marty, and myself, went onto join Paul Douglas on a Clearwater, FL public access sketch show. Though taking over a year to put together a 30 minute show due to schedules, shifting members, and commitment… the end result was many awards for the pilot episode as well as getting the footage into various film fests and on Netflix even.

This was one of the only groups I’ve been involved with that kept the humor on a PC level and tried to write clean material based on Paul’s direction and wishes. I normally would be again this kind of thing but I trusted the members of the group and we put out some really good material in the short time we were together. The group was encouraged to dig through old sketches and write new ones to submit for the show- this brought out MANY suggestions to Mongo that I have tried to push in Hooligans and Horse that never saw the light Are you Firing Me?, Smith, Potter, and Dale, and Predictably Incorrect, along with others).

In the end, MLC was the first sketch group that I was with that got a chance to film in a real studio and actually got noticed in some sort of mainstream way. That was to say alot after so many years of pushing my own groups into the public view- this was the first one that actually had a agent, sales, and people in Japan seeing it before youtube broke into the world officially.

It was a short run, well not really run but collection of ideas that came out with some rewarding results, so I can’t say to much about the group other then the fact that the 3 people most focused on the project Paul Douglas, Chris Gorges, and have alot more to submit in the coming years.

mongo like candy, sketch comedy, jason kraynek

Awards Night

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