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Ohio Lottery | Owning Optimism

31 Dec 2016 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Commercials, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer, Producer, Work | Posted by: jacenk

Ohio Lottery

LENSES, 16-35
LIGHTS, , , ,
RIG Vario 5 w Serene, , Wooden , , RED

A of commercials for the Ohio Lottery campaign “Owning Optimism” hosted by Zooppa.

While Ohioans may connect strongly with individual games, the Ohio Lottery would like to relate to Ohioans on an emotional level, making it a brand that Ohioans want to have a relationship with. As a brand driven by the key attribute of optimism, the Ohio Lottery is determined to celebrate the hope and optimism that surrounds us – positive attitudes, perseverance, beating the odds and inspiring accomplishments. That’s the feeling our players get whenever they purchase a ticket, and it’s exactly what the Lottery delivers across a variety of statewide programs and partnerships. It’s a brand that touches lives and relates to its audience through excitement and optimism.

Stephanie Flor | Community of Creatives – $1000

The first video was shot with my friend Stephanie Flor (who you may remember from such and videos like – Timelapse and Aeon) inside her studio room filled with costumes, sewing items, and digital artwork. As a one man band on this shoot i tried my best to be a quick as i could with getting everything done while we had the sun still up (as it was going to be in the shot no matter if i liked it or not) and compelled both the and the b-roll we needed for the spot.

was lit by a Litepanel Astra, Westcott Icelight, and Aputure – the rest was sun light coming in from the 3 windows in a small room. was done handheld with the RED and a CNE prime, mostly using natural light or bounce.

Ohio Lottery – commerical

Andrea Mattson | The Human Connection of Art

This one stars Andrea Mattson, who I first shot at a Halloween party for Untited and most recently for a called “the Fool – You Lost Me” for which some of this footage showcases her dancing ability and performance. I had some help on this one with a old partner, Eric Williams, who PA’d and did some set during the day. We shot at Andrea’s studio in for both spots other then the performance segments that were shot at the studio in .

Interview was lit by a 4bank Kino Flo set to daylight, a bounce, and a whole lot of ambience sun filling in the studio. B roll was done on the w a Canon 16-35mm lens and natural .

Andrea Mattson + Asher | Empowering to Dance – CONTEST WINNER $1000

This was the 2nd part to the videos shot at Andrea’s studio as halfway into the day we got a visit from Asher and his to show off his sweet dance moves and adorable personality.

Interview was lit by a 4bank Kino Flo set to daylight, a sunlight bounce, and a whole lot of ambience sun filling in the studio. B roll was done on the Easyrig Vario 5 w a Canon 16-35mm lens and natural sunlight.

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