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Jason Kraynek

Short Film Sketch
Zooppa contest

Jason Kraynek – Director, DP, Camera, Editor, Colorist, Writer
Géraldine Dulex – Lolz, Roommate
Christopher Kauffmann – Lolz, Roommate, Online Date
Sean Kunz – Roommate, Online Date, Parking, Movies in the Park
Jamie K. Burns – Parking, Movies in the Park


Canon 5d Mark II | Canon 24-70mm 2.8
LCD Panel
Cinevate Rig
Manfrotto Tripod
Sennheiser G3 wireless
Zoom H4n


I found out about this contest late, and even later found out that we needed it due within the week. With those rules in place I got together with Sean Kunz (one of my leads from the 48 hour film “Ceremony“, a theater friend of mine Geraldine Dulex, Jamie Burns (a reco from my former improv partner Darryl Knapp of groups Beat the Dead Horse, Charming Hooligans, and Wizard Studios), and newcomer to me Christopher Kauffmann = A very talented cast of improv comics overall I found.

I workshopped ideas, storyboards, and concepts from sunday to tuesday. We setup the shootday for Wed afternoon/night, editing was all day Thursday, and sketches had to be done be Friday morning. 48 hours later we had 5 sketches shot and 4 sketches done. The only sketch I wasn’t able to edit and finish for the friday deadline was “Parking”.

Check out more from the client AYI (Are you Interested) including my videos on their facebook page and youtube channel.


We ended up winning for 4 of the 5 videos submitted to the contest with places in the early entry of 2nd and 3rd/finals 2nd and 7th. Total winnings came out to about $6500!

*UPDATE 6/15/13* We just won a post prize for the 5th sketch “Roommate” which brings us 5/5

Lolz –$1000 WINNER

Based off the idea of social media friends that overuse common terms, emoticons, and “Lol” speak. This was the first sketch of the night and the only one that we got in during the daylight hours.

Movies in the Park –$500 WINNER

A simple idea based of a cheap date and a the world of modern tech. This was the easiest idea I had and thought it would be the throw away of the night but Sean and Jamie knocked it out of the park with performances and made it into one of my favorites.

The Roomate – $250 WINNER

I originally came up with this one taking place on a couch within a apartment and the “roommate” character staring down from across the room. Though not being able to shoot within a location alot of my ideas switched to outdoors, this was the first of those. I actually think it plays better, if not creepier this way.

Online Date – $1000 WINNER

The fourth sketch of the night was based off a idea Sean had about a man meeting another man in drag, going through the whole night, and then finally finding out that it was in fact a man. Due to timing and not wanting to outright make a straight/gay sketch, i reworked the concept to be shot all within the moment of meeting in a stairwell. Replacing the the man in drag for just a normal guy, both of which thought they were meeting a girl from online- both of which find out that not having a profile photo doesn’t aways work out.

Again, kudos to my actors who hit this one out of the park- we worked through a few takes and ended up with a great tongue and cheek sketch.

Parking – $4000 WINNER

This one was the last shot of the night, unknown to me that we were having mic issues (im not a sound guy but am forced to be at times, alas) but other then that it was another great example of Sean and Jamie improving together. Their might be a longer directors cut to come from this one as there are alot of story bits i had to cut for time.

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