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Dying Alone | dark comedy web series

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Dying Alone |

Sky view Productions | Chicago, IL

Crew / Cast

Jason Kraynek – of Photography, Camera Operator, Assistant Director, Gaffer, Colorist,
– Director, Editor, Grip, Executive Producer,
Dan Wasik – Assistant Director, Audio, Producer,
Charles Schoenherr – Executive Producer,
Meryl Williams –
Des Pickard – Music
Mark Rospenda – Art

Cameras – RED EPIC,
Lenses – Canon Cine Primes (14, 24, 50, 85, 135), Canon EF Zooms (24-70, 70-200)
Rigs – Cinevate, ,
Monitors – OLED-sx,
Support –


Robert Felker – Rob
Dan Wasik – Dan, Mouse
Charles Schoenherr – Clown, Dr Benson
– Carol
– Dr Orwick
Pares Ratliff – Male Office Worker
J. – Dr. Stevens
Anna Wyatt – Janet
Jennifer Straub- Female Office Worker
Daniel L. Stauffer – Emcee
– Margery
Shelley Nixon – Therapist
Brent Bridwell- Server
– Katie
Jeffrey Michael Anderson – Chef
Jeannie Laushot – Katie’s Mom
Xavier A Lagunas – Lawyer
– Doctor
– Accountant
Gina Sparacino – Club Patron
Erik Martin – Patient 1
Katie Bellantone – Patient 2
– Patient 3
Krysten Williams-Sanders – Patient 4

Dying Alone” is a series based in from Chicago Sky View Productions. Each episode is written by a different about living and performing in Chicago.

Each episode takes between 3-4 days to shoot and about a week to edit. The crews are very small (often consisting of the 2 directors and myself as the of and various roles on set). The goal is to outsource stories from various local comedians and transform them into short moments with a rotating cast and situations.

The series has been highlighted on IVIDB and has been featured on the front page.

Dying Alone was a project that was made with long time friend, partner, collaborator, and swell guy Robert Felker, who I have know and worked with since 2009 in projects include Suspicous Clowns, Coffee, FANG, Twisted Little Lies, and dozens more. Also good friends Dan Wasik and Charles Schoenherr were key to getting this made and great to work with.

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