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15 Oct 2014 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Director of Photography, Documentary, Industrials, TV, Work | Posted by: jacenk

Boltwood | Promotional Industrial

Yokai Films | Evanston, IL


JASON KRAYNEK – Director of Photography, Camera, Colorist
CHRIS SATO – Director, Producer, Camera
ANDY RAMSEY – Assistant Director, Camera, Audio


Cameras – Canon C100
Lenses – Canon EF Zooms (24-70, 70-200)
Rigs – Cinevate, Wooden Camera
Monitors – Small HD dp7 OLED-sx, Small HD DP6
Support – Manfrotto

boltwood, jason kraynek

Boltwood is a new American cuisine. Rooted in the farm-to-table genre, our menu changes daily.

Some B-roll for a pitch video from a Evanston restaurant called Boltwood, owned by John Kim and Brian Huston. Shot over the course of a day mainly on 2 Canon C100’s handheld and a Movi. Once shooting the outdoor garden we went back to Boltwood to shoot some recipes, food prep, menu meetings, and overall results.

This footage was shot over a day to be later pieced together for a cooking show promo. Not sure what became of it though.

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