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All the World

30 Sep 2002 | Categories: Actor, Comedy, Drama, Features, Narrative, Work | Posted by: jacenk

All the World | Feature Film

Wildheart Films | Clearwater FL


Jason Kraynek
Cedar Bennett
Angie Mattson
Raheem Babalola
Mandy Wildman

All the world

2002 Shakespeare-inspired comedy starring Jason Kraynek as Cornelius, shot in Clearwater Florida, and written/directed by Mandy Wildman.

This was my first project after leaving the Charming Hooligans, which was for several reasons. I thought this would start my professional film acting career in some way, though it didn’t: it is one of the very few IMDB credits as an actor in a feature film.

It was an indie crew and a small local cast, I don’t remember too much about it other than I got to improv some fun scenes and my on-screen girlfriend ended up being a solo artist “Angie Mattson” that I shot live once, and then group musician in the band “In the Valley Below“. The “bully” in the film later starred on an episode of Fear Factor.

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