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Na Palm | Go Go Girl

25 Oct 2010 | Categories: Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Harsh Lighting, Music Video, Work | Posted by: jacenk

na palm

Four Door studios

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Mike Gauthier – Camera

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5d Mark II

In recent years, hip-hop and music have inched ever closer to each other, cross pollinating healthy scenes for a fresh sound that is winning over countless fans of both genres. Yet few rappers have effortlessly melded true lyricism with house and -infused beats….until .

Beginning his career deep in the house music scene, Na Palm took the by storm with his lyrical prowess and live element that routinely complimented electronic deejay sets abound. Over the past two years, Na Palm has his message from the scene to the rest of the country: performing live to new and older fans alike via opening up for larger artists and headlining college shows. Having 100+ national tour stops under his belt in just over two years, the future MC of the EDM generation has managed to procure over 260K Facebook fans. After performing at Ultra Music Festival in 2011 and being a chosen as a featured at SXSW in 2012, Na Palm is helping pave the way for electronic MC’s and beyond. His mainstream edm-inspired banger Two Days Straight has been a staple in sets all over the globe while also getting regular spins on BPM.

With his new game-changing Electronic Chronic set to release 2012, Na Palm is ready to take his burgeoning national presence to a another level. The is rapidly heating up for Na Palm this year, and all of the world is invited.

na palm

na palm

na palm

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