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Where did we sit on the bus?

31 May 2017 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Event, Music Video, Work | Posted by: jacenk

jason kraynek, jacenk, canon c300m2

Live Event Bitter Jester Studios

Victory Gardens Chicago, IL

Cast | Crew

JASON KRAYNEK – Camera Operator, Colorist (stills)
DANIEL KULLMAN – Director of Photography

Gear | Production

CAMERAS – Canon c300 mark ii
LENSES – Canon EF zooms
LIGHTS – Studio lighting
RIG – Shape, Wooden Camera, Ikan

Where Did We Sit on the Bus? is an electric one-man show pulsing with Latin rhythms, rap, hip-hop, spoken word, and live looping.

During a third grade lesson on the Civil Rights movement and Rosa Parks, a Latino boy raises his hand to ask, “Where did we sit on the bus?” and his teacher can’t answer the question.

This thrilling autobiographical production from Jeff Award-winner Brian Quijada examines what it means to be Latino through the eyes of a child, turned teenager, turned adult.

This performance was shot by Bitter Jester Studios over the course of a night at the Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago, IL. I was hired on as a camera operator for the night and was happy as alway to work with both Daniel and Nicolas. Brian appeared in both of my past projects – BUNNY and Heaven is Hell, so it was nice to see him again as well.

Jason Kraynek – 5/21/22
jason kraynek, jacenk, canon c300m2
jason kraynek, jacenk, canon c300m2
jason kraynek, jacenk, canon c300m2
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