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James Eric

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Music photography

Various Chicago, IL


JASON KRAYNEK – Photographer, Colorist


08.16.06 Promos
09.17.06 Uncommon Grounds
02.17.07 Plan B
05.13.07 the Church
08.29.09 Promos


Nikon D50
Nikon 24-85

james eric

“Automatic Pilot tucks introspective lyrics inside grand washes of shoegazer guitar” – Greg Kot, The Chicago Tribune, 2002.

G.O.A.T was formerly known as both Automatic Pilot as well as solo artist, James Eric. James is now managed by an online digital label known as Grey Noise Media. James has been actively recording since the year 2000, but started writing songs after a near-death experience left him with only one lung and a weakened immune system back in 1996 during his senior year of high school after contracting a rare, life-threatening bacteria. Doctors told family and friends to prepare for his passing,

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