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hitwomen, jolie roberson

Web Series 2011-2012
Action comedy

Jason Kraynek – DP, Camera, Editor, Colorist
Chris Sato – Director, Producer, Editor, Story
Andy Ramsey – Director, Audio, Story
Sebastien Audinelle – Steadicam, Camera
Lindsey Marks – Writer
Matthew Stratton – Weaponsmith, FX
Michael Tsirtsis – Grip, Story
Rodney Glasburn – Grip


Lindsey Marks
Jolie Roberson
Matthew Stratton
Jack Schultz
Chris Meister
Brian James Dickie
David Bertucci
Nick DuFloth


Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 7d, Canon T2i
Canon and Zeiss lenses
Cinevate, Zacuto, Redrock rigs
Small HD, Marshall monitors
Arri, Kino Flo, Light Panel lights


Adobe Premiere Pro cs5.5, cs6
Final Cut Studio Pro 7
Magic Bullet Looks
Magic Bullet Colorista II

“Hitwomen” is an webseries starring Lindsey Marks (aka Lady Jack) and Jolie Roberson) as two freelance female assassins whose tongues are as sharp as their knifes and wit as quick as their bullets. Each webisode will feature a new target, and plenty of sarcasm, as the lead characters make their way through the absurdities of their profession and personal lives. Hitwomen will answer such pressing questions as “Assassin Union? Is it feasible?” and moral questions such as “is it REALLLY ok to kill for money?”

Hiwomen was originally conceived by Chris Sato and Lindsey Marks, with the invaluable input of co-star Jolie Roberson. The series is written by Lindsey Marks and co-writer Andy Ramsey and directed by Chris Sato and Andy Ramsey. Special Fx and armorer is Matt Stratton who has worked on films such as “Wanted” and Director of Photography is Jason Kraynek (Heaven is Hell)

I have worked with Jason in his capacity as a cinematographer and photographer, and, without a doubt, the results he attains are nothing short of amazing. He has a unique perspective that drives his creativity in directions that are special in so many unexpected ways that the results are always eye-catching, intensely interesting, and commercially desirable.

I would consider myself lucky to be able to work with Jason on future projects. As to the attributes listed above, I would like to add that Jason is also superlatively personable while on the set, and his patience and understanding always promotes an atmosphere of creativity that is frequently elusive in other situations with clients and colleagues alike

Actor/Director/Playwrite --Jack Schultz


Shane Hill

hitwomen, lindsey marks

Lindsey Marks

hitwomen, jack schultz

Jack Schultz

hitwomen, jolie roberson

Jolie Roberson


  1. peeridge

    From what I’ve seen (the 1st 3 episodes) you have an excellent series (very entertaining) just a darn good product. When is your next episode?

    • jacenk

      We shot the first 3 episodes as a mini series in the course of a few months time. As of now there isn’t a plan on doing more, but if that changes I will be announcing it on this page for sure. Check out Heaven is Hell, thats the feature we just wrapped with most of the same cast/crew thats making the film circuit currently.

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