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Drain Mitt

21 Jul 2017 | Categories: Camera Operator, Commercials, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Industrial Films, Work | Posted by: jacenk

jason kraynek, canon c300m2, commercial

Drain Mitt

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jason kraynek, canon c300m2, commercial

It happens every day in bathrooms all across America. A perfectly fine morning suddenly goes down the drain.

But now, a simple yet ingenious device is changing mornings everywhere. Because now, when anything falls down your drain you can get it back in just seconds with the revolutionary new Drain Mitt.

You can even unclog a drain quickly by simply emptying or replacing the Drain Mitt basket.

So there’s no more harsh chemicals or expensive calls to the plumber. And that’s good . Because you never know what could end up going down your drain.

At the low introductory price of just $19.95, the Drain Mitt pays for itself over and over…because you never need to worry about losing your valuables – or dealing with a clogged drain – again! Order now at DrainMitt.com or call 855-TheMitt.

Drain Mitt. What will you catch?

jason kraynek, canon c300m2, commercial

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