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CarnEvil Nights

22 Oct 2020 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Commercials, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Harsh Lighting, Work | Posted by: jacenk


Army Productions Lockport, IL

Cast | Crew

of , Operator, , (stills)

– Grip
– Grip
– Hair and , ,
– Costume, Actor
– Actor
– Actor
– Actor
– Actor


LENSES CNE primes, Canon EF zooms
RIG, , ,

This was a project shot for CarnEvil Nights, a haunted house , in 2020 on cameras. Done within a single day over the course of a few locations (indoors and outside) with a handful of and a small crew. 2 spots were done, a creepy evil one, and a friendly softer one.

Setup and lighting was quite minimal as we only had a few hours to complete the shooting, plus Covid restrictions – it was a budgeted shoot that we pulled off due to a great cast and crew. Most people I’ve worked with before from , and it was nice to get a chance to do so again.

More images and media can be found HERE

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