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Kotex | Laugh at Periods

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of , , Camera, , ,
– Assistant Director, Producer, Editor, Writer,
– Writer, , Actor
MUA, Actor

Gear |

LENSES – Canon EF Zooms (24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8)
RIGS – , , Shape,
SUPPORT – E-Image Tripod
POST – CC 2014/2015

are fraught with unwanted emotions, unpredictable shifts, and sudden hankerings. They also, as a result, make for some good stories.

We shot these videos for the ZOOPPA- Laugh at Periods that was linked with the Sympler that lets you remix videos into a 20 sec final. The challenge was to make stories about emotions or hunger during that time of the month, and then try to it into a 20 sec understandable and fun story. Initially we came up with 5 ideas and concepts that we shot various pieces of that we made into a few different versions for the final submission.

Shot over the course of 2 days on a and then imported to my iphone for editing and export for the submission. The other trick aside from having to edit in the and only produce a 20 sec video was that we could only use 6 shots that had to be remixed together in a out of order like - so trying to write a story around that idea without it being a 1-6 through point was also difficult but i think we pulled it off. There are tons of extra footage that i will work on , bts, and cuts depending on the results of the submissions.

Months later i went back and re-edited the videos into more of a fashion (above) without the use of the app or the we were required to use.


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