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Crackpot Cube | How will you use your cube?

09 Mar 2014 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Commercials, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer, Producer, Work | Posted by: jacenk

Crackpot Cube .Still003

Crackpot Cube

of , , Camera, , , , VO
, Director, Writer
– Actor
– Actor
– PA


CN-E 14, 24, 50, 85, 135
and Slider
OLED-sx monitor
FnV Light panels
Tripod System

5th Place – $1500

A commercial short for the Zooppa Crackpot Cube contest. Shot over the course of a day in the Chicago area during the “refreshing” season of single digit weather. This was my second narrative shoot with the RED and I’m still trying to figure out the best post method to produce the best quality. Due to the mini crew I used alot of natural light and bounce reflectors to light the scenes in addition to a few FnV 1×1 light panels.

In post we had many ideas for the final video but since the program is still in its beginning stages alot of what we to show with graphics and interactions had to be changed due to not being working or available at the moment. Instead I used screen captures of similar ideas to convey the end result.

The crackpot.cube is a new and innovative way to organize your online onto a virtual cube that exists on your desktop or mobile device. Customize all six sides of your rotating cube to meet your personal needs. Use the cube to instantly access all of your profiles, to visit your favorite blogs, to send email and text messages simultaneously, or to showcase your small business. You can upload videos, photos, music, and even your favorite inspirational quotes. Share your cube with , friends, potential employers, or your target consumers. The customizable crackpot.cube makes everything easier, from integrating your to marketing your business.

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