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Tatt2away | industrial commercial

09 Jun 2016 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Commercials, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Educational, Gaffer, Healthcare, Industrials, Producer, Production Company, Work | Posted by: jacenk


– Director, of , Camera Opearator, , Editor, Colorist,


LENSES – Canon Cine Primes, Canon lenes
RIG, SmallHD DP7, Wooden Camera, ,
LIGHTS – Kino Flow, ,


Tatt2away is a NEW all-natural, Non-Laser system that is similar to tattooing.

While our ultimate goal would be for everyone to do their research before they get tattooed and work with a professional artist whose art fits their style so you always end up with the beautiful piece of art you deserve, this is not always the case. Sometimes bad decisions are made or life circumstances change and you find yourself needing a cover-up or removal of your current . A lot of tattoos can be covered up without removal, this is definitely the best option. But, some tattoos simply cannot be covered nicely with your new idea, or you may just want it “gone” for whatever reason.

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