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Mongo Like Candy | Smith, Potter, and Dale

28 Feb 2003 | Categories: Actor, Comedy, Director, Improv Sketch, Narrative, Shorts, Work, Writer | Posted by: jacenk

Sketch Comedy video

Monogo Like Candy Clearwater, FL


JASON KRAYNEK – Actor, Writer
PAUL DOUGLAS – Actor, Editor
MARTY HOFFMAN – Actor, Sound


Mongo Like Candy

This one was based off the late night lawyer commercials that to me always seemed boring, stale, and really really bad. I thought, why didn’t you just get a actor or do a VO? Why were these getting, and STILL getting made? Well with that in mind i came up with the idea of a behind the scenes video of a law firm trying to shoot one of these commercials, with the twist of the third member being a stoner that couldn’t read his lines much less help out in the video.

We shot a series of improv takes with the idea of a rapid cut together piece of “behind the scene screw ups” in mind. The character i played, Dale, made a few appearances in some live Charming Hooligan shows as well as some lost footage from the group.

All in all, I like the idea of this piece and wish i had the footage to re-edit it into a more fast paced screwup kinda thing. Alas, always get ahold of the footage= lesson learned.

Smith Potter and Dale_005
Smith Potter and Dale_012
Smith Potter and Dale_013
Smith Potter and Dale_016
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