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Rick Perry | Strong (Rock, Paper, Perry)

10 Dec 2011 | Categories: Actor, Camera Operator, Comedy, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Improv Sketch, Political, Producer, Production Company, Shorts, Work | Posted by: jacenk

jason kraynek, vincent truman


Andersonville Chicago, IL


JASON KRAYNEK – Actor, Editor
VINCENT TRUMAN – Actor, Writer

Gear | Production

CAMERAS – Canon 5d mark ii
LENSES – Zeiss prime lenses
LIGHTS – Litepanels
RIG – Shape, Wooden Camera, Ikan

A sketch based on the ridiculously stupid 2011 political campaign from Republican Rick Perry. We figured- what would be more insane than the video itself? How about an 80s board game commercial based on the video itself?

We tried to do quick relevant sketches based on current news headlines, this was one that was written in a day and shot the next. Featuring fellow collaborator from Suspicious Clowns, For the Trees, and Ceremony – Vincent Truman.

vincent truman, jason kraynek

There was drinking involved in the filmming of this video. Way too much drinking from what i remember.

Jason Kraynek – 5.27.22
jason kraynek
vincent truman
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