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Preachers and Fools

11 Mar 2012 | Categories: Documentary Films, Editor, Industrial Films, Work | Posted by: jacenk

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Forgotten Saints tattoo shop
7569 Melrose Ave Hollywood, CA

LAURA ROEPER – Cinematographer

Shot by Laura Roeper and edited by Jason Kraynek, for the tattoo and art shop in LA. AKA: Forgotten Saints

Preachers and Fools is a custom tattoo studio, dedicated to crafting “one-off” pieces of body art. Our tattooists are available to help in formulating the best design for you, through researching references and drawing after thorough consultation.

Located in the heart of rockin’ Hollywood, Preachers and Fools aims to honor the strong link between art and music, and we hope our unique environment provides for a special tattoo experience.

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