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Ketchup | Its Not

31 Dec 2014 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Commercials, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer, Improv Sketch, Producer, Storyboard Artist, Work, Writer | Posted by: jacenk

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Sketch Comedy
Chicago IL
Crew | Cast

JASON KRAYNEK – Director of Photography, Director, Camera, Editor, Colorist, Producer, Writer
ROBERT FELKER – Actor, Assistant Director, Producer, Writer
DAN WASIK – Actor, Writer, Grip

Gear | Production

LENSES – Canon Cine Primes (14, 24, 50, 85, 135)
RIGS – Cinevate, Wooden Camera, Shape, Movi
MONITORS – Small HD dp7 OLED-sx
SUPPORT – IKAN E-Image Tripod
POST – Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014, RED Cine-X, Adobe After Effects CC 2014, Neat Video

Robert Felker and I came up with a slew of parody commercials for Ketchup months back and then forgot about them for abit, once working together was in full swing with Dying Alone we started to get back into sketches, contests, and commercials. This is the first of the “non contest/non webseries” sketches that we came up with adding into the mix Dan Wasik, Charles Schoenherr and Stephanie Marie Schultz to the team. So far we have shot 2 of the dozen ideas for “Ketchup- It’s Not”, and plan to possibly shoot/release more down the road.

Both “Dog” and “Date” where shot on the same day, sticking to on general location downtown and matching the storyboards pretty exactly. Both were graded in Red Cine-X and edited on a 5K timeline. MUSIC for “Date” by Silent Partner titled – “Lake Erie”, “Dog” by vizion-studios “A Happy Beautiful Day” and TITLE TEMPLATE by Triune Films. This was my first time using Neat Video to denoise (im still learning it so pardon the blocky and smooth quality at points) because Red Giant Denoiser kept constantly crashing and corrupting my timeline to the point that i couldn’t even open it any longer.

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