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Keep me Spinning | Izzy Lyon

04 Oct 2022 | Categories: Camera Operator, Comedy, Music Video, Work | Posted by: jacenk

Keep Me Spinning | Music Video

Cinema Relics | Chicago, IL


Jason Kraynek – Camera Operator
Dan Lanigan – Director
Jason C. Henry – AD, Producer
Nathan Lynch – Director of Photography, Camera Operator
Scott Oldis – Gaffer
Jessica Lynn – Hair MUA


CAMERAS – Canon c200


Phil LaMar – Marcus Lyon / Lil’ Marcus
Jeff Bryan Davis – Ritchy Round
Lang Parker – Mary-Ellen Bower
David Koechner – Antoine St. Poupon
Greg Proops – Brian Culero
Kym Whitley – Rhonda Jackson Lyon
Larry Fuller – Izzy Lyon
Rick Overton – Board Member Valentine
Llana Barron – Heather Williams

Remember when they used to make songs specifically for movies, and then make music videos specifically to promote those songs? Well, in that timeless promotional tradition,I give you the music video for the soon-to-be-hit-single “Keep Me Spinning” from the outrageously hilarious mock-u-mentry – Izzy Lyon: The Unspun Truth.

Shot over the course of a day in a Chicago studio. I wasn’t even supposed to be on this shoot, my fiance Jessica was doing hair/mua and asked me to bring down some gear for the DP and Director. When I showed up they instead asked if I would like to jump in and shoot all the handheld shots, which turned out pretty cool. Overall, very interesting project that is tied to a feature film starring some people from my career past in improv and sketch comedy.

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