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Burger Snap | short film

30 Apr 2023 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Comedy, Director of Photography, Horror, Narrative, Practical Effects, Science fiction, Shorts, Work | Posted by: jacenk

Film frame from sci-fi comedy film 'Burger Snap' by Director of Photography - Jason Kraynek.

Burger Snap | Short FIlm

ShunP Films | Farmington, Wisconsin


Jason Kraynek – Director of Photography (2nd Unit), Camera Operator, Colorist
Shun Powell – Director, MU, SFX
Jon Kline – Director of Photography
Rosella Joseph – AD
Brandon Cole – Script Supervisor
Anna Thaney – MU, Wardrobe
Dan Gartzke – 1st AC
Dustin Hughes – Grip
Kelly Dunningan – Art Dept
Jackson Murray – PA


Kristen MaCabe
Nathan Christopher


CAMERAS – Arri Alexa Mini LF
LIGHTING – Aputure, Quasar Science

Film frame from sci-fi comedy film 'Burger Snap' by Director of Photography - Jason Kraynek.

A college art student takes a job at “Burger Snap” hoping to pay off their tuition, but when aliens invade on their first day, they must use their creativity to save humanity. “Burger Snap: When Aliens Attack” is a sci-fi comedy that proves art school skills can come in handy in unexpected ways.

In a world where art degrees can’t guarantee a job, a college art student takes a gig at “BurgerSnap,” a fast-food joint, hoping to pay off their tuition. But on their first day, when a swarm of aliens descends on the planet, the student must muster all their creativity to save humanity from being served up as the next meal. Will they use their brush strokes to fend off the extraterrestrial threat, or will they be reduced to a mere greasy patty in the cosmic order of things? “Burger Snap” is a quirky sci-fi comedy that proves art school can teach you more than just how to paint pretty pictures.


I came onto this short film project as Cinematographer on the last night of shooting to sub out Jon Kline, who was DP for the rest of shoot. Director Shun Powell was a very creative student who was working on a film for school and this was the result (not sure if all students get to shoot their projects on a Arri Alexa Mini LF with professional DP’s these days- but if so….jeesh, the times are a changing).

My section was shot over the course of a single night inside a trailer park in Wisconsin. I didn’t have a ton of gear provided to me and made it work with what was onset. I color graded some raw clips I was sent for this page, not sure how the final will come out though.


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