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AM Taxi, the Get Go | Beat Kitchen

25 Jul 2007 | Categories: Event, Photographer, Production Company, Work | Posted by: jacenk

american taxi, am taxi


AM TAXI was originally known as American Taxi but started referring to themselves as AM Taxi since their original name was too similar to the bluegrass group, Great American Taxi. The band was started in May 2007 by Adam Krier and Jason Schultejann of Lucky Boys Confusion and Chris Smith (Logan Square/15 Minutes Late). The trio wrote and recorded their first EP, Runaway Songs. Shortly thereafter, John and Luke Schmitt joined the band.

AM Taxi was signed by Virgin Records in April 2009. They produced their first LP, “We Don’t Stand A Chance” with the help of their producer Mike McCarthy in Austin. The album was released on June 9, 2010.
As of March 2011, the group has split ways with Virgin Records. As of January 2012, John Schmitt has parted ways from the band

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THE GET GO was formed in February of 2007 after the demise of Allister, Escape From Earth, The White Tie Affair, and Showoff. Kyle Lewis (Guitar), called up Chris Dalle-Valle (lead vocals) and they together started the process of getting the members of The Get Go together. With original guitarist Nate “Ricardo” Thruman.

They began their search for the perfect members for the band. Eventually, as the band went on members changed and The Get Go called Brian Lee (Bass, Vocals) who joined the band and added an instant flare. With all but the drummer set in place, The Get Go headed out to record their second album in New Jersey with producer Rob Freeman (Hit the lights, Cobra Starship). Friend of the band Mikey Prost (Drums) came along and laid down the drum tracks. After hanging out and getting to know each other more, Mikey Prost became the new drummer for The Get Go.

With the lineup set, the time is right for The Get Go to start touring the U.S. and tackling the U.S. market. Get ready for The Get Go in 2009. They are coming to your town soon! We are currently in the process of “assembling” our team. If you’re interested in working with “The Get Go” please email Kyle at shesgone13@aol.com

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I’ve done alot of photography for various friends, clients, celebs, clubs, companies, etc….Wed night was something that was very special to me in many ways though. Way back in the day long before getting into this field I ran a music store from about 97-02 and it was some of the best days of my life. Yes the pay was shit, yes it was customer service (for someone that kinda hates people in general that was a hard part for me to get through each day) and yes it was long countless/thankless hours of shit……BUT…..it was the best job I’ve ever had at a corporate nazi job….

that being said- I have more music then 4 of your friends combined due to countless promos, discounts, live shows (well put it in perspective- this was LONG before free mp3s and bittorrent so I have a good 10grand+ in just cds)…ok now I’m ranting…THE FUKIN POINT IS….I friend requested a band about a month or so ago called the Get Go due to the fact that I found out the band was made up of MANY members of some of my favorite groups from long ago…heres the release statement

“The Get Go” was formed in January of 2007. Comprised of veteran musicians Scott Murphy (ex Allister), Nick Gigler (Ex Mest), Chris Messer (ex Showoff), Kyle Lewis (Ex Allister) and Dan Hammond (ex Home Grown).

Anyway I heard they were playing a Chicago show at the Beat Kitchen and thought “what the hell” and shot them a email and asked if I could come down and get some live shots for them while they were in town. Kyle Lewis wrote me back and asked if I would and I’ve been waiting for the show since then with much excitement. Not knowing what to expect as being a performer myself I know how much I hate talking to fans after shows just because I hate talking about myself that way and would rather by them a drink and start talking about ANYTHING other then me…so I was very surprised to meet all the guys in the band and find out they were really nice guys and people that I would actually hang out with if I wasnt there to shoot.

Ok so this way a overly long story but I’ve been working on the photos for 6 hours now and have been very excited to post them and say that I shot some of my fav people all in the same night and same band….which by the way…..see there next show- fukin unreal onstage

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