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Samantha | Thieves

04 Apr 2011 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer, Harsh Lighting, Music Video, Producer, Storyboard Artist, Work, Writer | Posted by: jacenk

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BAND, VOX: | BASS, VOX: | DRUMS: | ALBUM: Threat Level Pink

CREW, : | : , | : Sebastien Audinelle | STORY: , Jason Kraynek, Sebastien Audinelle | : | GRIPS: Julie Rondeau,

GEAR mark II | 7d | f/2.8 | Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 | | Steadicam Archer | monitor | Kino Flow 4 bank | lightkit | Tripods |

POST | | Mac Pro tower | Macbook Pro | | | Looks | Denoiser |

The band Samantha to shoot a video for their song “Thieves” in 2011, I met them through a mutual friend and my steadicam operator Sebastien Audinelle. With a rough idea of what they were looking for, a video feeling like the classic ” video by director , the band gave me the track and let me come up with a story around the visuals of my style. I ended up with a treatment somewhat resembling a mix of stories from “” to “” films, with my signature change-up and different thought process linking the videos front to the back once viewed.

The video was shot in the of a recording practice in Chicago over the course of 2 full days. Day one consisted of the bands performance shots and individual shots, day two was made up of all the story shots with Sarah. Sticking pretty clearly to the storyboards to follow what the concepts we came up with were on set, we managed to get everything we wanted in the allowed time and minimal crew/gear.

In post I tried to assemble the story elements first before inserting the performance shots, Sebastien came up with a color treatment that i used as a best for the final comp. We had issues with the program crashing so much that the final version of the video had to be saved as a 720p file as the original 1080p file became corrupt with changing computers and losing the original renders.

Jason has recently joined our production team and his has surpassed our expectations. He’s an inspiring with a work ethic. He has brought fresh ideas and a new perspective to all the projects he has worked on. His wide range of experience allows him to contribute to many stages of the production process, (, video, lighting, sound, editing, etc.).

It has been a pleasure working with Jason and look forward to continued collaboration in the future

Freelance Steadicam and --Sebastien Audinelle

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