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My Gold Mask | Burn Like the Sun

25 Feb 2013 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer, Harsh Lighting, Music Video, Producer, Work | Posted by: jacenk

my gold mask_8195

Album Leave Me Midnight
Near West Side Chicago, IL

JASON KRAYNEK – Director of Photography, Camera, Editor, Gaffer
GRETTA – Drums, Vocals
JACK – Guitar, Vocals
ROLAN VEGA – additional backgrounds


Canon 5d Mark II
Canon 24-70mm 2.8
Arri Lights
Cinevate Rig
Small HD dp6 monitor


Adobe Premiere Pro cs6
Adobe After Effects cs6
Red Giant Colorista II
Red Giant Denoiser II

Art-nouveau pop-rock flows out of this talented duo with an eerie sense of ease.” -SHEENA BEASTON

“(My Gold Mask) infuses some heart into the mundane, and makes it beautiful.” – PRETTY MUCH AMAZING

“…the bottled lightning of ‘Violet Eyes’ makes My Gold Mask a band to watch.” – PITCHFORK


Shot in a rehearsal space in Chicago, with the bare minimal of gear and resources. Ended up being a 1k shot behind white silk backdrop sections that we hung from the walls and other instruments. My camera was covered by a blue gel gaff taped onto the matte box and reflect lit by a led panel that was shot into the lens as well at Gretta.

Post was a mix of Adobe Premiere Pro cs6, Colorista II, Adobe After Effects cs6, the Ultimate Grindhouse effects collection, and some footage provided by Rolan Vega.

my gold mask_8168

My Gold Mask | Burn like the Sun (final) (10 of )

My Gold Mask | Burn like the Sun (final) (12 of )

My Gold Mask | Burn like the Sun (final) (17 of )

My Gold Mask | Burn like the Sun (final) (16 of )

My Gold Mask | Burn like the Sun (final) (7 of )

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