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JnJ Studios

25 Jan 1996 | Categories: Actor, Camera Operator, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Improv Sketch, Producer, Short Films, Work, Writer | Posted by: jacenk

JnJ Studios

Improv Sketch
Tampa/Clearwater Florida

Jason Kraynek – Cinematographer, Actor, Editor, Concepts
Joe Davison – Actor, Concepts

Various sketches from off shoots, ideas, travel and just plain screwing around with a camera.

Black and White Killer

This is a quick improv piece that Joe Davison and I filmed at about 2am in the morning while driving down to Miami to be extras in Any Given Sunday. We did various pit stops along the way (mainly to film silly things like this).

Get in the Car Joe

One of our best throw away clips on the way down to Miami to be extras in Any Given Sunday.

Any given Sunday

All of these segments were made up out of long hours of driving and fun with the old camcorder…you will see quite the backstock of J/J footage in the future as we loved working off each other.

Call Box

During the trip down to Miami to be in Any Given Sunday around 1998, I came up with a random thought based on my question “What are those call boxes on the side of the road?” I honestly thought they had a phone in them and I wanted to see if I could order a pizza- that was the idea.
When we pulled off to the side of the road we found that the box had just a button and no phone whatsoever- perfect….thus this sketch came out.

*my favorite part is where I walk away at the end talking to Joe as if he was off screen, when he really was the person behind the camera – classic.

Moses BBQ / Parking Garage

2 improv sketches we did on the fly.

Evil Dead Effect

This was a experiment with my time lapse setting on my own vhs-c camera trying to see if we could do the fx of the evil getting into Ash from the Evil Dead movies. Pretty neat considering we did it VERY b-movie with eyeliner pencils and a sepia setting

Entering the Building

I remember this one as a quick bit we shot as I carried my camera around everywhere and anywhere to shoot. We were going to visit Joe’s girlfriend at work this night, that’s about all I remember.

Arnolds Bathroom

A quick piece Joe and I came up with in a Denny’s bathroom in Tampa FL around 1999, it is what it is and we think thats pretty humorous all these years later.

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