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Allister | 5 Years

25 Aug 2012 | Categories: Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Music Video, Photographer, Work | Posted by: jacenk

video for the based band from their upcoming album “ behind Machines”.

This video was shot over the course of a day in the art gallery space- . Concept and treatment by , featuring a working class bunch of guys forced into a job for the past 5 years- then finally calling it quits.

We started shooting all of the “boss” opening scenes in the kitchen while the sun was up (shooting was tricky as we didn’t have any CTB gels and it was full with Fernel lights as fills). Wrapping the kitchen we moved to the bathroom scenes, having a small space to with I hung the backlight 650 on a plumbing pipe above Mike. Following that was the scenes with the spray-paint and footage, again battling the sun caused issues and we had to borrow some flags from the gallery to properly shoot the scene without glares or mirrors on the plexiglass that we used for the scene. Then came the performance shots, boss tie ups, and lots of smoke. The floors were meant to be used as a photo studio and not as a , so we had issues with the bouncing of the floors which resulted in uncontrolled shaking of the cameras during all the performance pieces.

Overall we pulled together with a large crew of people and overcame a weekend shoot into just one day which clocked in at around 14 hours.

BANDAllister | : vocals and | : | : vocals and bass | : drums

CREW: Josh Romero | OF : | COMPANY: | : | MANAGER: | CAMERA OPERATORS: Jason Kraynek, | 1st : | ART DIRECTOR: | ART DEPT: | ART DEPT. ASST: | ART SUPERVISOR: | KEY : | DIT: | RUNNERS: , | LOCATION: Studio 101

| | Arri Lights | Gear | Tripods | | Monitors | Monitors | fog machine

Allister is an American punk band from Chicago, Illinois. The four-piece formed in 1996 and were one of the first bands to sign to Drive-Thru Records. Besides releasing five studio albums — 1999’s Dead Ends and , 2002’s Last Stop Suburbia, 2005’s Before the Blackout, 2010’s Countdown to Nowhere, and 2012’s “Life Behind Machines — Allister made a cameo appearance in the 2004 Sleepover. On March 6, 2007, the band announced their intention to go on hiatus. In 2010, Allister reunited after a three-year break.




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