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48 GFC Awards 2012

17 Jul 2012 | Categories: Camera Operator, Colorist, Director of Photography, Documentary Films, Editor, Event Films, Work | Posted by: jacenk

The i directed “” was Awarded for “Best Acting” with nominations for “Best Directing”, “Best ”, “Most Original” and was picked to be screened in Austin at the 48 Guerrilla Challenge Awards at the . I was asked to fly out to Austin by the creators of the to document and the awards and tape with ’s .

I flew out with a camera rig and tried to shoot as much as I could with a very feel, once there we also added a makeshift rig that was mounted to my camera with a wi-fi signal upload to Planet5D.com. During the actual screening of the nominated films I positioned myself in a set position and live streamed the through the iphone, afterwards taped the winners and closing statements with the 5d.


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