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Professional film scenes for actors


For actors that want to showcase their talents and provide footage for reels that’s not a monolog in front of a white background

We now offer for actors in need of professionally shot, directed, edited, and written scenes

will get a full film scene, graded stills and promotion on

Packages and can include –


  • scripts are either provided by client or we can write them based on the style you're looking to showcase
  • draft meeting and 1 rewrite provided
  • scenes are 1-2 minutes in length


  • locations are either provided by client of we can find the best one based on the scene
  • 1-2 actors are required per scene but can be increased if needed/ can either bring actors or we can provide them
  • pre visual  are provided based on the scene
  • time allocated for rehearsal prior to shooting

  • most scenes will be shot on our in house professional  DRAGON camera package in addition to other packages as needed
  • in most cases each scene will take 1 day, there is a chance if the scene involves the same location- multiple scenes can be done
  • we provide a full crew based on the needs of the scene
  • we provide 1 meal for each scene
  • additional  like Hair/MAU,  and  can be provided based on the scene

  • scenes will be professionally edited including Color, Audio and  Visuals (if needed)
  • delivery will be provided in the forum of a PRORES HQ final in addition to a H264 for web use
  • scenes are edited to roughly 1-2 minutes (perfect for  reel additions)


For additional information, rates and questions please email – jacenk@gmail.com

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